dimanche 11 août 2013

Instagram diary - Venezia

Two years after my first trip there, I decided to go back to Venice with a friend. And once again, I fall in love with this beautiful city. Getting lost in those streets, visiting such stunning monuments and museums... We also visited Murano - which is quite similar as Venice, except with sooo many murano glass shops - and Burano. Omygod, Burano aka the biggest city crush in my life. We came to Burano twice; once in the evening, and we had the opportunity to see an amazing sunset, and once in the afternoon. In five little days, we could even find some time to go to Lido before we had to leave.
Despite the heat we enjoyed our time there so much. We walked across Venice again and again and again. And we never got tired of it.
It is already decided; I'll be back in two years!

Instagram: @marianne_cha